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Classiche History
"Classiche s.r.l." is linked to the history of the "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." factory, the Italian
manufacturer of competition and sport exhaust systems dating to 1959 in Finale Emilia (Italy).
The meaning of the factory's initials was "Anonima Silenziatori Auto".
Using acronyms for factory names was common Italian practice in the past and was similar to
ALFA Romeo which stood for "Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili".
First introduced as "ANSA VI s.p.a.", the factory became "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." in 1966.
This change was brought about by Remo Pola (one of the 2 owners)
as part of his effort to gain full control and ownership,
and to achieve his goal of making it the world wide leading company in the field.


Lamborghini Engine with ANSA Marmitte s.r.l. Exhaust Since the early days "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." established strong
and important collaborations with some of the most
prestigious Italian automotive brands.

The collaboration with LAMBORGHINI began in 1964 with equipment
for the first 350 GT (2+1). Since that beginning, all subsequent
models have had the famous Finale Emila exhaust sound.
Only 2 years later the company achieved another important objective:
since 1966 every DE TOMASO vehicle has been officially equipped
with "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." exhaust systems as well.

De Tomaso Pantera with ANSA Marmitte s.r.l. Exhaust This was just the beginning...

1968 was an extremely important year for the company and
its future. This is when the collaboration with FERRARI
began with equipment for the first Dino 246's and Daytonas,
and also with MASERATI.

Ferrari 308 GTB with ANSA Marmitte s.r.l. Exhaust Since the 70's and to this day, the inimitable "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l."
products combination of sound and performance has been a vital part
of every Italian built sports car.
The company's success is recognized world wide.

The BUGATTI EB110 project began in 1991 with "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." designing and building the
complete exhaust system. During the same year the CIZETA V16T was also introduced as a joint
venture between Claudio Zampolli and the composer Giorgio Moroder giving this rocket the
"ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." voice, just like hundreds of other cars.


From the middle 70's until 2007 all of this success compels the Pola Family and then its "successors"
to expand their boundaries to other continents in an effort to maintain production continuity without
compromising the quality of its products.

In this attempt, unfortunately, a series of organizational problems arose and grew over the years,
bringing the factory to a critical situation. As a result, "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l." closed its doors in 2009.

Logo Classiche s.r.l. In 2010, however, there were a few men who refused to give up.

All existing warehouse stock and the exhaust manufacturing
equipment related to the classic and exotic vehicles was
salvaged by the former employees of "ANSA Marmitte s.r.l."

From the Court House of Modena, they took ownership of all drawings, historical documentations and,
no less important, every original mold to make the same exhaust systems, according to the same
quality traditions, performance and "sound" of the Italian factory equipment.

The "Classiche s.r.l." company was born

Today Classiche is a company that, with passion and dedication, produces the exhaust systems exactly
like it has been done for more then 50 years, strictly according to the "historical methods"
and following 4 simple, but fundamental rules:

factory exhaust studies 1. materials must respect the period correct original specifications
to maintain the same sound tone;

2. always conform to the original design of the inside and the
diameter of the pipes to not modify the performance and sound;

3. always conform to the correct design of the outside,
to not alter the originality of the vehicle.

4. the finished product must conform to the specifications
of the vehicle designer.

Thanks to the experience gained in 50 years of operation, a belief in the greatness of the work from the
historical Italian factory, and in the importance of maintaining vehicles correctness and originality,
"Classiche" is able to produce these legendary exhaust systems so every passionate owner can still
properly equip his cars to fully enhance their value and historical significance.

"Classiche s.r.l." is based in Finale Emilia, Modena (Italy) and,
directly or by its distributors, equips world wide classic, vintage and modern vehicles,
marketing its exhaust systems with the brand "Classiche".

Classiche Exhausts, LLC is the official distributor for
Classiche s.r.l. products in the United States.

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